ISM is the largest group music education network in Australia and with schools also in New Zealand, Asia, and North America and Canada. The ISM system of teaching music as a language is now reaching over 15,000 children worldwide.

International School of Music Bondi provides group music education for children of all ages and the child in you! We also offer private piano and music theory tuition for the advanced students; adult beginners are welcome too, and we cater to their individual interests, lifestyles, and abilities. At ISM Bondi, all the programs are supported by speed variable backing tracks, which have been carefully structured to give the maximum benefit to each student, developing all technical and musical components.

ISM Teaching Philosophy

 We teach the music as language;
    when you listen, you sing;
   when you sing, you play;
    when you play, you read;
    when you read, you write

ISM Bondi Director Liling

0430 486646