Pianorama Junior Course ( 4 – 6 year olds, 45 minutes)

The Pianorama Junior Course incorporates all fundamentals for practical and musical development for the beginner student. An emphasis on aural training expedites the learning process, students develop musicianship and technique simultaneously.

In a 45 minute weekly lesson during school terms, the students cover the following:

  • Piano tuition – technical development, with solo and ensemble experience;
  • Aural (Ear) – to train the musical ear for faster comprehension;
  • Singing – pitch and vocal expression through original, contemporary songs;
  • Percussion – practical experience of learnt rhythmic patterning;
  • Theory – intellectual confirmation of music notation and theoretical elements;
  • Music Appreciation – to develop listening skills and through actions understand musical structure;
  • Musical Games – Fun activities involving learnt skills